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Products Overview

Easy Bend

The quickest and easiest way to bend soft copper linesets. EasyBend is designed for use as an internal pipe bender to offer the installer fast, easy and "kink-free" bends in soft copper linesets. No more kinks when bending your linesets, no need for springs and heavy equipment. EasyBend is designed by Castel Engineering specifically for use as an internal pipe bender to offer the installer fast

Optimal Duct

From the outdoor unit to the wall, OptimalDuctTM covers it fast and all!

Teschem Pair Coil

Pre-insulated annealed copper pair coil used for general air conditioning and refrigeration installations and split system air conditioners.
-Easy installation. No glue, tape or messy powder.
-20m rolls of pre-insulated copper pair coil allows you to install your pipework in less than half the time of conventional methods.
-Resistance to abrasion and wear and tear.
-Can be pushed through tight spaces without being caught or torn.
-Available sizes in 0.61mm to 0.81mm.
-With JISH standard & fire Rating.

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